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About Various Types of Church Chandeliers

Many, if not most churches have a beautiful iron or other metal framed chandelier hanging in their sanctuary or main worship space. Some may also elect to use these decorative lights in other areas of the building. These chandeliers are always beautiful and add a great deal of aesthetic appeal to the space. They also provide just the right amount of lighting in these spaces. Some of them are wired into dimmer switches so they Continue reading »

Shed a New Light into your World with Modern Chandeliers that Capture the Imagination

The modern chandeliers show themselves off as functional works of art. Suspended on nearly invisible wires, glass orbs appear to float in patterns organic in nature, and often geometric. Spirals, waves and rectangular designs dance above your head, a masterpiece suspended in mid-air. Utilizing the fish-line-like wires that disappear into the designs, crystals, tear drops and shells remain aloft in clear lines, open and simplistically beautiful. There are chandeliers that look like falling rain, in slow motion. Beautifully curved stainless steel spirals that twist around, giving movement and texture to the design. Continue reading »

Rooms that will Benefit from a Black Chandelier

Everyone knows that interior design has come a long way from the simple greys, blacks, and whites of yesteryear. Chandeliers have been around for quite a few years now, from the more traditional to the outspoken. Now it seems that having a black chandelier in the rooms of your home will add a classy outspoken look that can’t be beat. Do these pieces look good in any room of the house however? Yes, they do. Read on to find out what decor will go with this modern day piece of art. Continue reading »