About Various Types of Church Chandeliers

Many, if not most churches have a beautiful iron or other metal framed chandelier hanging in their sanctuary or main worship space. Some may also elect to use these decorative lights in other areas of the building. These chandeliers are always beautiful and add a great deal of aesthetic appeal to the space. They also provide just the right amount of lighting in these spaces. Some of them are wired into dimmer switches so they light can be bright or dimmer. Some may also emulate brighter lighting on purpose or possibly be used as a back up lighting source for events and services requiring minimal light. The purpose and appearance of these church chandeliers will vary. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most beautiful chandeliers for churches.

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Church chandelier (horos) – 18

Height: 47.2” (120 cm), diameter: 27.6” (70 cm)

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Church chandelier (horos) – 19

Height: 47.2” (120 cm), diameter: 39.4” (100 cm)

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One-level church chandelier – 9

Height: 27.6” (70 cm), diameter: 43.3” (110 cm)

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Most of the chandeliers seen in churches are very ornate. They will also have multiple fixtures attached to them. They are generally made from metal framing which usually brass or gold plated. This metal may also be covered with an enamel coating which gives the chandelier a different color. The globes on the chandelier will emulate light in specific patterns. The globes will have various shapes that allow that to happen. The light reflects on the walls and surroundings within the room. This creates a beautiful effect.

In earlier days, the church chandelier lighting would often be used to provide the lighting in large hallways of churches. The globes on the chandeliers would have shapes cut out of the glass in the form of a cross. Not all were this way, but it was often the case. This is still present in some of the older church buildings that have large hallways and cathedral ceilings.

The chandeliers can be anywhere from a single level to several levels of lighting. Some of them are quite huge. They may include different types of lighting on each level which will emulate various designs on the walls. The magnificent huge chandeliers are most often seen in large sanctuaries or cathedrals in some of the older church buildings. A common sight there, many people will be in awe once they see these monstrous forms of light. Not only are they beautiful, but some of them are placed into the churches for significant reasons.

Chandeliers are beautiful additions to any church building. Some of the older churches may not be willing to ever replace the original old ones. They will just simply have them professional refurbished so they can continue using them. These can often be refurbished by replacing wiring and any other parts that need replacing. If any of the glass parts of the fixture are damaged, these will be replaced as well.

These beautiful lights are one of the most beautiful sights in some church buildings. They are also designed to provide the perfect lighting for just about any service or event held inside the church.