Shed a New Light into your World with Modern Chandeliers that Capture the Imagination

The modern chandeliers show themselves off as functional works of art. Suspended on nearly invisible wires, glass orbs appear to float in patterns organic in nature, and often geometric. Spirals, waves and rectangular designs dance above your head, a masterpiece suspended in mid-air. Utilizing the fish-line-like wires that disappear into the designs, crystals, tear drops and shells remain aloft in clear lines, open and simplistically beautiful. There are chandeliers that look like falling rain, in slow motion. Beautifully curved stainless steel spirals that twist around, giving movement and texture to the design. Some artists use nature as their inspiration, from waves to jellyfish to a double helix. These are not your Grandmothers vintage look, but they still finish a room in a style uniquely your own.

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When you walk into a room with a glittering chandelier that draws your eye upwards, it is like noticing a well dressed woman’s earrings. Subtle and elegant, it finishes the room. Chandeliers have long been a symbol of status, the grand overture to opulence and wealth. Traditionally, they have been tiered and covered in crystals that reflect and refract the light into the room. Minor changes in design from smaller to larger, or perhaps with added lampshades, the design and style remained classic and unchanged through the centuries. Moving forward into the 20th century, and the modern furniture movement has begun. Glass, simple lines and stainless steel are the new materials to design around. The contemporary chandeliers have broken away from tradition, and have shed light, literally, onto a new era.

When looking for a modern classic to dress a room, you will be amazed at the endless opportunities that are available to you. Blown glass spires in twisting colors of glass, will remind you of sea anemones on a coral reef. Frosted glass pieces evoke memories of Jack Frost on your windows, when you were a child. Each piece is unique and will take your breath away. From a simple design like the Nautilus shell, to the graceful patterns of falling water, or geometrically clean lines you will never tire of looking at the artwork hanging above your head. Organic in design and inspired by nature, the creative lighting will evoke a feeling of calm and belonging.

When your guests first walk into a room that is dressed to the nines with a contemporary chandelier, you know you will hear their breath catch as they see it. It will be an unexpected surprise that delights them and yet, knowing you, they should expect nothing less than something so amazing. It is sure to start the evenings conversations. When you walk out into the night air, the expansive and starlit evening sky instills a feeling of awe and wonder, your modern chandelier will create the same feeling. Inspired by Mother Nature, and spurred on by the imagination, it will bring a new vision of light into your world.